Cyberpunk 2077: Santa Domingo District - Concept Art, Location, Areas, Inhabitants, Quests And More

Cyberpunk 2077 have really started to reveal what awaits us this November as they've revealed one of the many locations in Night City.

The map has many unique locations such as Santa Domingo, where the far less advantaged citizens reside.

Santa Domingo

Santa Domingo is one of Night City's oldest districts that corporations use as a testing ground for industrial projects, destroying old factories just to build new ones, while residents scrape a desperate living in crowded megabuildings.

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Rancho Coronado

Photos via @CyberpunkGame


While we still know little about Santa Domingo, we know based on the recently leaked map that it is located in the South-East of Night City.


Areas include:

  • Arroyo
  • Rancho Coronado


While it's unknown who specifically resides here, or which significant characters can be found, we do know that far less advantaged citizens culminate here.


It's currently unknown what quests take place here.

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