Cyberpunk 2077: City Center - Concept Art, Location, Areas, Inhabitants, Quests And More

Cyberpunk 2077 is revealing a lot about what awaits us in November as they've revealed one of the many locations in Night City.

The map has many unique locations such as the City Center, full of sleek skyscrapers and corporate arrogance.

City Center

City Center is the central business district of Night City. It plays home to the governmental and commercial hub of the Night city metropolitan area and the location of the mayor's residence. Most of the city's corporations operator from here.

The once soldering battlefield of the 4th Corporate War and nuclear fallout from the Arasaka Tower assault, was now completely restored.

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Corpo Plaza

Photos via @CyberpunkGame


While we still know little about Santa Domingo, we know based on the recently leaked map that it is located in the centre of Night City and towards the west.


Areas include:

  • Downtown
  • Corpo Plaza


While it's unknown who specifically resides here, or which significant characters can be found, we do know it features the city's most wealthy inhabitants.


It's currently unknown what quests take place here.

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