Cyberpunk 2077: How Long Is Watson Under Lockdown?

It's been a huge launch for Cyberpunk 2077, having sold over 8 million copies already.

Now it's fair to say despite its success, the game has a multitude of issues still.

But, the immersive map within Night City is one of the best in modern games and there is a lot to check out.

There are a ton of missions within the game, and one of the first ones you obtain is called 'The Gig'.

The mission itself is quite confusing, as it will instruct you to wait until Watson is no longer under lockdown.

But, how long does this lockdown last?

Here's how long! 



You will notice the city is under lockdown when you and Jackie are heading back and have to pass a police checkpoint.

They will mention the section of Night City called Watson is under lockdown for a bit.

This will restrict you from other regions of the game until this is over.

The Gig mission can be a bit weird, as there is no true indication of how long this lockdown is going to last.

The answer to how long the lockdown will last is to simply play the main story until it lifts.

This is the intention of the game, as it wants you to get a grip of all the basic concepts before it lets you free-roam within Night City's multiple regions.

Be sure to let us know if you are enjoying Cyberpunk 2077 as much as we are! 


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