Cyberpunk 2077: CDPR Expects To Sell Game For 'Years To Come'

CDPR is expecting to continue selling Cyberpunk 2077 for 'years to come', according to the developer's joint chief executive Adam Kicinski.

Speaking to Reuters (thanks,, Kicinski explained that he doesn't "see an option to shelve Cyberpunk 2077".

Cyberpunk 2077: CDPR Expects To Sell Game For 'Years To Come'

"We are convinced that we can bring the game to such a state that we can be proud of it and therefore successfully sell it for years to come," Kicinski added.

Months after release, the game is still not available on the PlayStation Store, and still carries a disclaimer on the Xbox Store that says "Users may experience performance issues when playing this game on Xbox One consoles until this game is updated."

Kicinski's comments come following the game's most recent patch, version 1.2, which offered a huge swathe of fixes on all platforms but was primarily targeting improvements on last-gen consoles.

Late last month, CDPR executives confirmed it was "reconsidering" the standalone multiplayer component of Cyberpunk 2077.

“Previously, we hinted that our next AAA would be a multiplayer Cyberpunk game, but we have decided to reconsider this now,” Kicinski said at the time.

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