Cyberpunk 2077: All Helicopters, Aerodynes, Ospreys, Jets and Airships Within The Game

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Cyberpunk 2077 is now released all over the world.

The new immersive RPG is the latest from CD Projekt Red.


The game is set in the massive Night City and has an ample amount of quests to partake.

Weapons are heavily emphasized in the game, but so are vehicles.

There are so many within the game that it can be tricky to keep on top of all of them.

Not only are there land vehicles, but there is an ample amount of aerial ones within the game.

Here are all of them! 


Editors Note: We will be sure to update prices for each vehicle when we are able to!




There are A LOT of vehicles within Cyberpunk 2077, so many that it can be hard to keep track of all of them.

Below is a list of all the sub-classes of the aerial vehicles: 

  • Helicopters
  • Aerodynes
  • Ospreys
  • Jets
  • Airships

As well, there are also ground vehicles which we have covered here. 


Below is a list of each categories vehicles, with courtesy to



  • Bell AH-99 Gunship Heavy Helicopter
  • Bell Evil-Eye 19 Medium Helicopter 
  • Bell F-152 Autogryo Light Helicopter 
  • Bell HUEY Cop-Chopper Medium Helicopter
  • Bell Spy-Eye 18 Medium Helicopter
  • Bell UH-10 PAPC Heavy Helicopter 
  • Bell UH-9 Heavy Helicopter 
  • Hyundai Minicopter Light Helicopter 
  • Mi-32 Hitter Medium Helicopter
  • SM-Dragon


  • AV-11 Combat Aerodyne 
  • AV-3 Aerocop
  • AV-4 
  • AV-6 Combat Aerodyne
  • AV-8 Assault Aerodyne 
  • AV-9 Combat Assault Aerodyne
  • AV-9 Multi-Purpose Aerodyne
  • BMW-Infiniti Aerodyne AV-7
  • BMW-McDonnell Douglas AV-7
  • Bell-Boeing Aircar 1 5 
  • Boeing Cityhawk UAAV
  • British Aerospace AV
  • Dreaded Punknaugh
  • EEC Airjeep 
  • Family Flier
  • Lockheed Nimbus Electronic Stealth Warfare AV 
  • MacLaren/Jaguar Sports Aerodyne 
  • Mach
  • Mexican Metals Llama 
  • Mi-50 
  • Militech AVX-9C Viper 
  • Swan
  • Tetracorp Fei Lien 100 Aerodyne


  • Bell-Boeing Falcon-B 
  • Bell-Boeing V-22B Osprey 
  • Bell-Boeing V-22F Osprey 750,000
  • Fed-Boeing Gyrfalcon Gunship 
  • Lockheed-Cessna Pinto
  • Sukhoi Su-441 Tiltrotor Transport Aircraft

Jets and Other Aircraft

  • A-01 Blitz Medium Airplane 
  • ATF-37B Thunderhawk Small Jet 
  • Boeing C-25 Cargo Aircraft Airplane
  • Dornier F-128 Thundercloud Ground-Attack Jump-Jet Jet
  • Fed-Boeing Falcon Aircraft
  • GD F-36 Comet Minijet 
  • GD Hummingbird STOL Aircraft 
  • Lockheed C-200 Universe Large Jet 3
  • MacDonald-Douglass F-33 Wasp Small Jet 
  • McDonnell-Douglas F-39 Phoenix Jet
  • Roland Executive SST


  • The "Madison Avenue" Advertblimb 
  • Dayton Overlord Airship 
  • Goodyear ETB Blimp 
  • The India Sky-Barge 
  • The Sky Queen Cruise-Liner