Updated Schedule News

With the recent announcement of our EGX championships in StarCraft 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive we also wanted to update everyone on our upcoming event schedule. We've made some alterations to our event plan over the coming 6 weeks which affect both StarCraft and Counter Strike Global Offensive. 

Firstly, our StarCraft event originally scheduled for 8-9th September now clashes with the recently announced WCS Season 3 finals and as a result we have moved the entire event to the first two days at EGX.  

For Counter Strike Global Offensive, after lots of consultation with teams and players we have decided to remove the 14-16th August event. This allows the teams and players more time to prepare, practice and reduces their travel time, which they were also concerned about just ahead of the major in Cologne.

As a result of this change, we've also opened up the Gfinity Arena for use as a bootcamp station for any of the teams attending the Cologne major between 10th August and 19th August. We have also added high end PC's (i7, 16gb ram, 980gtx graphics card) to our practice rooms and booths for the players to use alongside a dedicated internet line. This will allow teams to practice against other teams coming in and online ahead of the major and we wish all the teams the best of luck.

We'll see more Counter Strike at Gfinity with our Champion of Champions event at EGX between 26th and 27th September!

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