How to Qualify for the Gfinity Championship 2015

As you may know, this year is going to be a huge year here at Gfinity!

This year, we’ll be hosting over 20 offline events that will take place in an action packed season running from March to September. The season will culminate in the Gfinity Championship 2015 LAN that will take place at one of the biggest arenas in the UK, marking the event as Europe’s largest multi-title eSports event of all time.

We also thought that eSports needed its own home in the UK, so we decided to create one. Based in London, our eSports arena will be a hub of competitive gaming activity, with the majority of our offline events scheduled to take place here.

Want more details about what's at stake over the course of the season and when the events will be taking place?

Check out the graphic below for all the details.

Spring Masters I QualificationReckon you've got what it takes to compete at the Spring Masters I events?Prove it!Click the images below for all the details regarding how YOU could be competing at the first Masters events of 2015. Call of Duty and StarCraft II information will be released soon.

Other Masters Event QualificationWe'll release details of qualification for the other Masters events later in the year.

Open EventsMore details on our Open Events will be released soon.

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