Gfinity launches CS:GO client

Gfinity launches CS:GO client!

Another game changer from Gfinity as we launch our much requested Counter Strike: Global Offensive client for Windows, ensuring players get the best possible competitive gaming experience the scene has to offer. This is Next Generation eSports.

We continue to listen to our community of players, publishers and supporters by introducing new features and products that offer a better experience for every eSports enthusiast in the world. Today, the next step in this journey launches for Windows.

Paul Kent, eSports Director at Gfinity says: “This is only the first step in a long journey, over the last 12 months we have listened to what our community wants and needs. We frequently operate our CS:GO tournaments at maximum capacity. In addition, our waiting lists are also at maximum capacity. With the introduction of our CS:GO client and server technology, we are now able to accommodate substantially more teams and players on a daily basis.

With immediate effect, players can download the Gfinity CS:GO client for free from After linking your Gfinity account with your Steam account, the process of entering and competing in the free and premium weekly CS:GO tournaments will be one of the smoothest on offer in the entire eSports scene. With built-in anti-cheat technology and automatic recordings of match results via GOTV; a native built-in spectator mode for CS:GO, the Gfinity CS:GO client is truly a step above anything currently on offer. A full set of supported features is included below.

  • Automated notification of your upcoming matches and brackets
  • Integrated tournament registration for all free and premium Gfinity CS:GO tournaments                         
  • Exclusive servers for your matches, to ensure nobody will join the wrong servers by mistake
  • Exclusive lobbies, specific to each game, with ‘map veto’, ‘ready up’ and other mechanics built-in
  • Anti-cheat technology will perma-ban any cheaters into perpetuity
  • Ability to pause, call an admin and go back a round for instant replays of matches
  • Match results will be recorded and entered automatically after each match
  • Team and player names pulled automatically, as well as team flags, logos and locations
  • Increased bracket capability – all tournaments now support up to 128 teams (up from 64) and all matches will run simultaneously as opposed to two individual brackets 

Gfinity currently hosts a 5v5 premium cup every Monday and Tuesday with a £200 prize pool, a 5v5 FREE-TO-PLAY cup every Thursday with a £150 prize pool and another 5v5 FREE-TO-PLAY Sunday Cup with a £300 prize pool.

Keep up to date with all the latest gaming and eSports news via our Twitter: @Gfinity.

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