Gfinity CS:GO Spring Masters I: Recap

With the recent announcement of our newly released Gfinity Arena, we had decided to host the Counter Strike Spring Masters I tournament as our opening event at the venue. Missed the event? Here’s our recap of what went down.

Friday - Day One

Unfortunately on Friday, we suffered several unforeseen technical issues within the early stages of the tournament. Streaming and production issues caused a delay, which was disappointing for both the competing teams, the spectators present, and those watching at home. As a result, only two out of the four scheduled matches were played on day one.

Saturday - Day Two

Going into day two, we were looking to restart and have a completely new outlook. Streaming and production issues were smoothed out, and the day went without delay, as it should have. Resulting from the issues that occurred on Friday, a total of eight series would be played on Saturday.

Championship Sunday - Day Three

Day three started off with the final matchups within the bracket. The upper and lower bracket finals took place, along with the 3rd/4th place consolation series. Last but not least, the Grand Final took place between two of Counter Strike’s best competitive teams.

Aside from the difficulties that occurred, our production team was able to successfully move past the complications and reorganize the schedule. Huge thanks to the our staff, sponsors, and supporters who helped make this event possible. All in all, the tournament went very well, and we couldn’t be happier with everyone who helped participate in our opening event.

Congratulations to Team EnVy on their Spring Masters’ Championship, and to all the other teams that competed at this event. We will definitely be looking to improve our production and streaming process, and all constructive feedback is appreciated.

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