Free Tournament Schedule April 2016

Don’t panic, this is not another one of those lame April Fools posts, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Instead of simply sending you a useless troll, we’re back, at it again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), with something a little more beneficial. We’re here to help you win a Gfinity tournament.

Last month, we conveniently shared our full tournament schedule with you, featuring a whopping 84 tournaments across six gamesCall of Duty: Black Ops 3FIFA 16CS:GOHalo 5Hearthstone and Rocket League.

Today, we’re delighted to reveal our new and improved tournament schedule for April, featuring an increased monthly total of 100free and subscriber tournaments for you to enjoy!



Cup Type: 5v5Platform: PCPrizepool: £150Max.teams: 64





Cup Type: 1v1Platform: Xbox OnePrizepool: 1,000 Pro PointsMax.teams: 512





Cup Type: 3v3Platform: Xbox OnePrizepool: £60 Winner Takes All & 1,000 Pro PointsMax.teams: 128






Cup Type: 4v4Platform: PlayStation 4Prizepool: N/AMax.teams: 128 





Cup Type: 3v3Platform: PlayStation 4 and PCPrizepool: £60 Winner Takes All & 1,000 Pro PointsMax.teams: 128






Cup Type: 1v1Platform: Xbox OnePrizepool: 2,000 Pro PointsMax.teams: 512





Cup Type: 4v4Platform: PlayStation 4Prizepool: N/AMax.teams: 128






Cup Type: 5v5Platform: PCPrizepool: £150Max.teams: 64





Cup Type: 3v3Platform: Xbox OnePrizepool: £150 & 1,000 Pro PointsMax.teams: 128






Cup Type: 1v1Platform: Xbox OnePrizepool: 5,000/10,000 Pro PointsMax.teams: 512





Cup Type: 3v3Platform: PlayStation 4 and PCPrizepool: £250 & 2,000 Pro PointsMax.teams: 128






Cup Type: 1v1Platform: Mobile and PCPrizepool: £70Max.teams: 256





Cup Type: 4v4 SnDPlatform: PlayStation 4Prizepool: £150Max.teams: 128  






Cup Type: 4v4 SnDPlatform: Xbox OnePrizepool: N/AMax.teams: 128





Cup Type: 4v4Platform: Xbox OnePrizepool: N/AMax.teams: 64





Cup Type: 5v5Platform: PCPrizepool: £300Max.teams: 128 



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