Elite Series Week 3: Scores & Standings

Another week down, another weekend of fantastic action from our teams. Who went big and who went home in week 3?


Poor Epsilon are still hunting for a single point this season. In their match against Prophecy they claimed three straight wins from Keftaroz, Takamura and Brick. Prophecy seemed to be on the verge of their first defeat, but Akainu’s Guile managed to grab a game in their favour and Epsilon crumbled. Prophecy snatched the next three games to complete an amazing 4-3 comeback and continue both their winning streak and Epsilon’s losing one. Takamura and his team sit at the bottom of the league, and are are desperate for a win next week.

Eternal underdogs Reason managed, somehow, to secure an epic 4-3 victory over season 1 winners exceL. The key to this was new Reason signing Saltykid, who played three games during the set and won every single one of them. Considering Reason didn’t win a single match last season, this was a huge moment for the team and kicked off the start of a great weekend for them.

Endpoint fought valiantly against top-spot Infused, but ultimately lost in yet another seven game set. JonesArcade put two on the board for Endpoint, including a win over Infused leader Imstilldadaddy, but ultimately it just wasn’t enough. Strong play from Shakz gave Infused the 4-3 victory.

Finally, Envy took on Method in the only match of the night to not go to seven games. Mr. Crimson and TKR won two games each to give the boys in blue a comfortable 4-2 win. Method struggled without star player Luffy, with only Packz getting any wins for the side. TKR ended the night with one of the longest and most bizarre pop-offs we’ve ever seen. (link) If you see him in public, keep a safe distance.

.@TKR_LYON literally wtf are you doing pic.twitter.com/aoR46byPZV
— Gfinity (@Gfinity)
October 20, 2017



Prophecy kicked things off with another strong 3-0 win over Epsilon. The new Prophecy dream team of Mummisnow, Eyeignite and Sebadam now have three wins in three weeks and Epsilon didn’t seem to have any idea how to stop them. On the other side of the coin, Sebadam and Eyeignite’s old teammate Doomsee continues to struggle. His new Infused side lost once more, this time to Method in a 3-1 set. That’s three losses on the trot for Infused, and if this new team doesn’t learn to play together more cohesively, more may follow.

Next, Endpoint stormed to a 3-0 victory over Team Envy. Despite a strong showing from the losing side, Tinny, Shakharon and Cheerio all scored two goals each to give Endpoint their first win of the season. They’re finally off the starting blocks, but they’ll need to keep the momentum going if they want a chance at making the playoffs. Finally, Reason extended their winning streak to 3 with a 3-0 over an exceL side that simply seemed outmatched. Prophecy and Reason sit at the top of the table, with only a small goal difference separating the two… can anyone beat them, or will it come down to a faceoff?


Our first match was Reason vs Endpoint, and after a close game of back and forth on Inferno, Reason won it 16-13. This means that, for the first time ever in the Elite Series, Reason won all three games over a single weekend. If they keep up this performance, they’ll stop being the underdogs before long. Prophecy’s woes continued as they lost 7-16 to Epsilon, remaining the only team in the CS:GO competition without a single point. Three losses, all without reaching at least ten rounds, leave Prophecy dead last with a fat zero on the scoreboard. Epsilon were as strong as ever, with coach Chrille stepping in to play with his team and help lead them to an easy victory.

Method vs Envy was tense and absurdly close down to the final round, as both teams traded victories until, eventually, Method won 16-14. Finally, exceL finally came into their own and picked up a dominating 16-7 victory over Infused. After having trouble the previous two weeks, exceL’s teamwork and communication seemed to click and everything went their way. Infused were left defused as they simply couldn’t keep up with the seemingly-rejuvenated youngsters. One thing is for sure - you know when exceL are winning. You can hear Boaster yelling from miles away.

So where does all this action leave each team on the league tables? CLICK HERE to check out the updated standings! 

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