CSGO: New Cache Reveal Dates, Times, How To Play And The ESL One New York 2019 Cache Showmatch

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Cache is returning to CSGO and it's been announced that the official reveal's release date will be during ESL One New York 2019. This will be done in a live showmatch at the CSGO event, which takes place at the end of September. Cache was removed from the active duty pool back in March 2019 and has been absent since. ESL One New York 2019 will already present a fantastic viewing experience for CSGO fans and now they have even more reason to be excited to watch.

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New Cache Release Date

The official Cache reveal will be on Sunday 29th September at 11am EDT (4pm BST, 5pm CEST, 8am PT).

The History Of Cache

de_cache was created by Sal "Volcano" Garozzo and was first introduced to Counter-Strike: Source in 2011. It was later ported to CSGO and released on the 1st December 2012. The map was then was re-texturised by FMPONE in 2013, with the support from Volcano himself.

The bomb defusal map is set in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Despite it being set in Ukraine, the counter-terrorist team is the GIGN (which is the elite police tactical unit of the French National Gendarmerie).

Cache will be remembered for one of the most iconic plays by s1mple back in 2016, at the time part of Team Liquid, who hit an unreal 1v2 double no-scope.

The play was later memorialised in grafitti, where the play took place. We must assume it will make a return in the new update.

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Cache Showmatch & How To Play For Yourself

The official reveal will be brought to you on stage followed by a showmatch, featuring 10 unknown players, right aterwards.

You will also be able to play the map between the grand final maps, at the ESEA booth, at ESL One New York. You will also be able to meet the creators of the map and ask them questions in various feedback sessions.

You can find out all of the details here. Get your tickets now!

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