CS:GO Spring Masters II Results and Recap

The second Gfinity Counter Strike: Global Offensive Spring Masters took place this weekend, where 10 teams congregated on London from all corners of the globe, battling it out with one another with hopes of attaining the title of Gfinity Champions as well as a slice of the $50,000 prize pool on offer. There were upsets, exceptional plays and a full weekend of exciting CS:GO action. 

Final Placements

1st: FNATIC | KRiMZ - JW - Flusha - olofmeister - pronax | $25,000

2nd: Virtus.pro | TaZ - Neo - pasha - Snax - byali | $15,000

3rd/4th: Natus Vincere | Zeus - seized - GuardiaN - Edward - flamie | $5,000

3rd/4th: Titan | kennyS - Maniac - RpK - apEX - Ex6TenZ | $5,000

5th/6th: Team EnVy | Happy - shox - NBK - SmithZz - kioShiMa

5th/6th: Ninjas in Pyjamas | GeT_RiGhT - f0rest - allu - Xizt - friberg

7th/8thVox Eminor | SPUNJ - AZR - Havoc - jks - Yam

7th/8th: Cloud9 | n0thing - sgares - Skadoodle - Shroud - fREAKAZOiD

9th/10thTeam Liquid | flowsicK - adreN - EliGE - nitr0 - FugLy

9th/10thTeam Immunity | SnypeR - Rickeh - emagine - James - USTILO

FNATIC'S Road to Victory

Group Stages

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FNATIC had a middling performance at the group stage this weekend, drawing three of their matches 1-1 and only managing to take total victory in one game (albeit from the group victors, Na'Vi). Whilst it wasn't the consecutive wins they were clearly hoping for, it certainly showed that this team was playing on form and would be able to defeat anybody on the weekend as long as they maintained composure. To be expected from one of the most prestigious teams currently competing.

Regardless, they avoided losing any of their matches throughout these early stages of play, thus managing to nab their ticket into bracket play alongside Natus Vincere from Group A.

Bracket Play

A place in Championship Sunday was theirs. Now, all that stood in the way of FNATIC and $25,000 was two of CS:GO's best teams. Easy, right?

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 FNATIC vs Titan

The best of 3 Semi-Finals match versus Titan was set to be a showdown of epic proportions; two of the most storied and talent packed lineups in the entire game, both eager to solidify their status as CS:GO's best at the Gfinity Arena. 

The first map was Cobblestone, with Fnatic hastily taking advantage with a momentum shifting pistol round win as Terrorist, giving them the surge they needed to take their opposition to task. The side ended with victory in sight, at a 13-2 scoreline that made things seem easy. Titan were mostly unable to answer back after sides swapped, clawing back a single round in consolation before the match went 16-3. 1-0 Fnatic.

Fnatic once again took pistol in map 2, showing their early game strength as a team, but this time events were not set to repeat. Titan answered back swiftly and with intent, brushing aside the previous map loss  to secure 11 rounds in the first half, leaving their opponents trailing in the dust. A comeback was started in the second half on Cache, but it wasn't meant to be for the Fnatic boys, as Titan delivered decisive blows and tied the maps at 1-1 after a 16-11 victory.

In this final match on Inferno Fnatic managed to complete the trifecta of pistol round wins, aiding them heavily in the first half. Despite this, the match remained close, as both sides traded rounds back and forth with big plays and even better team composition making for a brilliant spectator experience. In the end though, Titan lost steam in the second half and allowed Fnatic to pull ahead, taking the series and their rightful spot in the grand finals.

FNATIC 2 - 1 Titan

Grand Finals

FNATIC vs Virtus.pro

Fnatic were clearly well prepared for this final showdown against Virtus.pro, coming out of the gates hot with blinding displays of skill in numerous rounds throughout the first two maps of the best of 5 series. They won both pistol rounds as well as the subsequent maps, displaying dominance to take Cobblestone 16-10 and Cache 16-9. the two maps weren't blowouts by any means, but this Fnatic outfit meant business and they were executing with pinpoint perfection consistently, edging out round after round against Titan.

Suddenly, Titan began to show signs of live once on the verge of elimination, beginning to trade rounds on Dust2 with fervor. It was honestly too little too late at this point though, with Fnatic eventually taking victory after what can only be considered an insanely intense 19-16 overtime push.

Fnatic were now Gfinity champions.

Best of the best. FNATIC lift the Gfinity Masters trophy.
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Best of the best. FNATIC lift the Gfinity Masters trophy.

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