CS:GO Patch Notes for 6/30/2015 Update

Counter Strike: Global Offensive got a new update yesterday, to deliver a handful of audio and miscellanous fixes for the tail end of June. The majority of the changes focus on bug fixing for those utilising the spectating and Overwatch features, as well as some much needed quality of life improvements. The full list of patch notes can be found below, or via the official Counter Strike blog post.

AUDIO– Footsteps are quieter when spectating in-eye.– New Overwatch kill notification sound.

MISC– Fixed a case where clicking on an Overwatch verdict also clicked on the blog post.– Disabled old code that allowed subtle auto aiming with controllers.– Performance optimizations for players with large inventories.– Fixed some exploits that allowed unauthorized code execution.– Added the player_hurt event to GOTV demos.– Added flavor text to the Baggage and Cobblestone Collections.


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