Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Patch Notes for 6/3/15


Counter Strike: Global Offensive got another small update today. It was mostly a bugfixing update, rectifying a number of small issues that were present in some of the game's various modes (see the misc section for details on this). You can read the full official patch notes below, or straight from the source over at the Counter Strike Blog.

A new map, gd_crashsite, was also incorporated into the back-end. An image is available below.

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Patch Notes

MISC– Fixed a crash on defuse maps in Guardian Mode.– Fixed ragdolls sometimes appearing at delayed enemy positions.– Fixed players who were not networked sometimes showing up as friends in client code (like the UI).– Fixed server browser sorting by tags instead of ping by default.– Fixed cloth sometimes jittering when seen for the first time.


MAPS-Added gd_crashsite


Log–Fixed various exploits and spots where C4 could get stuck




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