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Challenger Series Week 5 Leaderboards


Challenger Series Week 5 Leaderboards: Season 1 extended edition!


Firstly, my dear contenders and competitors, we are excited to tell you that season 1 has been extended! You can read a little more about that here: 


. Cups will run, as per usual, for an extended period - allowing you to mop up those sweet G-points and consolidate your position in time for the all-important Elite Draft. So now, more than ever, it’s all to play for! End dates for Challenger season 1 will be announced soon keep it locked to the Gfinity blog for updates. 


Before you ‘Leeroy Jenkins' headlong into this week’s cups - let’s dust off our spreadsheets and take a closer look at the story of the past 7 days…



Rocket League

board is home to some awe-inspiring talent (see Turbopolsa? We’re not 



 mean!). Alex161, the mysterious teamless German assassin, remains firmly in the top spot and extends his lead to an impressive 900 G-points clear of EyeIgnite who leaps up 3 places to #2. The Mockit boys hang in there, slipping a few positions but remaining in the top 10, whilst fan-favourite Flarke sneaks into the #10 spot with 3 quarter-final placements in one week! 


Street Fighter

, a game of iron nerve and split second decision making, always sees the most dramatic weekly leaderboard changes. A herculean effort from

new xL signee

, infexious, puts him back a hair’s breadth from the #1 position by reaching the final 3 times in 1 week! We lose Shakz from the top 10 and see some new faces in: broski, Fasoll and PTF_Blue. Cross Counter (aka DrummerBoyRoy) keeps the #5 spot on total lockdown maintaining consistent top 8 placements throughout the week.




Counter Strike

board has had a familiar Batman avatar sitting proudly at #1 for 3 weeks straight. Whilst having only won 1 cup - Fines proves that consistency is key. Along with teammates tom223 and GruBy - Team Grubasy lock down the top 3rd of the table. $uicideboy$ (Deadmaus, madGOD and co.) continue to go hard and place highly in every cup they enter. alii0 somehow finds time amidst the carnage to change his name and avatar for the 10th time…


GG WP to all Challengers - see you next week!


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