Challenger Series Week 4 Leaderboards

Challenger Series Week 4 Leaderboards

The final stretch! The race for the finish line! One week of season 1 competition remains. After the 7th of May all leaderboard positions will be final and the best of you plucky Challengers (at least 90) may become eligible for the Elite Draft. Read more about the draft, and how you could kick start your professional eSports career by signing to a legit pro team, right over here ->



So, as season 1 draws to a close, let’s open the spreadsheet one more time and look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Challenger Series week 4…


First stop:

Rocket League

. The boards are starting to solidify! Alex extends his dominating lead by almost 700 G-points with a total of no less that 8 semi-final appearances with ParallaX so far this season. The mid-table scrummage continues as KayDop, Fairy Peak, Data and co jostle for position. Deevo and Remkoe, repping Northern Gaming, sneak in at 9 and 10 respectively. 


Street Fighter

continues to prove itself the season’s most closely fought title. Infexious 


loses his grip on the #1 spot - edged out by silent assassin: Atrosh and the precocious, unsettling talent of Venom (seriously who is 


 good at Fang?). Shakz rejoins the hallowed top 10 whilst Shivryuken is relegated.


Fewer changes are seen in the


board as Fines extends his lead to 500 G-points. madGOD returns after winning 3 cups (in a row!) pushing the PixelFire boys just below the threshold. New faces emerge in Bare and Dunkis whilst, finally, who knew that Deadmau5 was so good at CS:GO?!


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