Challenger Series Week 2 Leaderboards

Challenger Series Week 2 Leaderboards: Return of the Blog 

Another week, another five days seeing thousands of contenders and competitors duking it out for a combined prize pool of £4,475 across 32 cups. With new players joining

Challenger Series

every day - week two saw thrills, spills, and some major upsets. 


Remember! We’re playing for G-points as well as cash: the highest placed players at the end of the season will be eligible for the Elite Draft. Watch this video for more info about how you could be stepping out on to the Gfinity stage repping a pro team!


So, as we enter the middle stretch of Season 1, let's dive in for a closer look at those all-important leaderboards…


This week in

Rocket League



 happened: the Mockit boys knocked PENTA from the top spot and Freakii drops down from 1st to 8th (ouch!). Everyone’s favourite unpronounceable squad, "Team !&#¤”, maintain their grip on the mid-table whilst Turbopolsa and CaroRL make themselves known in the top 10 with strong, consistent performances in the week's higher G-point cups.


Infexious consolidates his early lead this week in

Street Fighter V

pulling ahead of VertigoLeague (aka Riva) by 680 points! Swagskheletor drops to 3rd after some slightly disappointing early knock outs and little changes in the mid-table scrummage. Promising contender, Shivryuken, climbs to 7th by maintaining consistent top 8 placements and new challengers emerge in the form of x33Terror and MrMadDamage_.


Finally - it’s all change on the


leaderboard! With a unprecedented 3 consecutive wins, KenaJ- and the rest of team “" storm to the top of the rankings. Biting at their heels, PixelFire maintain strong performances throughout the week’s cups to occupy the rest of the board. Previously dominant Ryloni remain curiously quiet…


With so many new entrants the top spots still remain wide open! It’s all to play for - a week of consistent performances in any game could put you in contention for those coveted Elite Draft spots. Stop dreaming and start playing!




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