Announcing the Elite Series Format and Dates

Announcing the Elite Series Format and Dates

Following our announcement of the sixth franchise team to join the Gfinity Elite Series, we’re delighted to reveal the highly anticipated dates and details of the UK’s first fully offline esports league, starting this year.

The Gfinity Challenger Series, which is currently taking place and offering gamers of any level the chance to compete and qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft, will close on 4th June. The Draft will then be held on 16th June, where 48 of the most talented amateur players will earn their place on stage, playing alongside the top professional teams in the Gfinity Elite Series, which will be exploding out of the Gfinity Arena and into homes worldwide, live at 6:00pm on 7th July! 

In addition to these dates, we're excited to announce the Player’s Day, which will take place on 26th and 27th June in London. All players will attend, including newly drafted team members, to weigh up their competition for the first time ahead of battle at the Elite Series.

The Elite Series, which runs for nine intense weeks, kicks off with Street Fighter V taking the 6:00pm to 10:00pm Friday night slot, followed by 12 hours of battle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive starting at 10:00am in the Saturday slot, and rounding off the weekend with the manic clashes of Rocket League on Sundays between 12:00pm and 6:00pm.


In the regular season, the eight teams will play seven matches each, within three separate leagues defined by game title, facing each opponent once.  Following the regular season, the top four teams will progress to a playoff spot for each of the three leagues.  In the playoffs, the teams will be split into two semi-finals with the winners meeting head to head in a final showdown for the top cash prize and glory of being crowned the Elite Series champion of each league. 

In addition to the three independent leagues for each of the game titles, we will, for the first time in esports history, be running a franchise championship, which means that every time a team wins, the franchise wins its own prize money, with all winnings from the independent title leagues paid out to the players. 

Key Facts 


  • The Gfinity Challenger Series, the GfinityElite Draft and the Gfinity Elite Series are the three phases of the new esports tournament, which will run sequentially through seasons in 2017
  • The GfinityChallenger Series feeds the GfinityElite Draft, where the most talented gamers will have the chance to be drafted into the UK’s top professional teams in the Gfinity Elite Series
  • The Gfinity Elite Series will take place live, at the home of UK esports, The Gfinity arena in London, and broadcast to the world online.
  • When season one of the Gfinity Elite Series begins, season two of the Gfinity Challenger Series will commence, meaning that gamers can play online for their spot in series two of the draft and watch the Elite Series tournament, simulatenously.
  • TheGfinity Elite Series will initially launch in the UK and teams will be UK-based, however players do not need to be UK nationals

Elite Series Schedule and Tickets

You can find tickets here. See below for the weekly schedule.

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