Where to spend Bitcoin: Best places accepting Bitcoin payments

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Apart from keeping track of the latest Bitcoin news, the free bitcoin software list, and stats concerning how to mine Bitcoin for free, here's our take on where to spend your bitcoins and get the most out of your crypto experience.

Bitcoin has always been in the lead, claiming the number one spot on all statistical platforms, with a market cap of nearly $460 billion. With the release of the recent CPI report, BTC has yet again gained traction, sitting at $24,000 currently.

With Bitcoins whales being active once again, here's how users can explore potential places where they can spend Bitcoins with ease.

Best places accepting Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin has transformed economies and has become an integral part of several prominent nations, where it has evolved independently into an accepted form of virtual currency.

While El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as its legal tender, several other regions including Kenya and Nigeria have also come forward to embrace Bitcoin holistically.

However, there are certain outlets and platforms as well that have recently unlocked services that accept BTC payments.

Here's a list of the top ten places where Bitcoin payments are accepted:

  • Wikipedia
  • PayPal
  • NordVPN
  • Express VPN
  • Shopify
  • AMC Theatres
  • Travala
  • Newegg
  • Home Depot
  • Save the Children

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How to pay with Bitcoins?

Now you know the places where users can spend bitcoins in exchange for goods and services, but do you know how to actually pay with Bitcoin?

While Bitcoin ATMs may come in handy at moments like these, making BTC payments with your crypto wallet apps is also pretty easy to initiate. Here's how to pay with Bitcoins simply:

  • Make an account and login into your crypto wallet.
  • Buy some Bitcoin first through an exchange or transfer them from your other crypto wallet (if you have one already)
  • If an online merchant (let's say Wikipedia) accepts Bitcoin payments, a user just needs to scan/copy their BTC QR code/address and type in the desired crypto amount before hitting send
  • Click on send option and you're done!
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