Shiba Holders Needed As SHIB Fast-Food Chain Opens Store Applications

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Welly SHIB logo on fried chicken
Credit: Unsplash/Brian Chan

More members of the Shiba Inu community will get their hands on SHIB-themed fast food after the franchise Welly opened up applications for new stores across the globe.

After partnering with SHIB in early February, holders have requested the opening of further branches outside its flagship Naples store.

Now, just days after the rebranding, Welly confirmed it is taking applications for franchises of its SHIB-themed fast-food restaurant.

Welly Seeks SHIB Holders

In a tweet on February 7, Welly said that after receiving “hundreds of requests”, it was ready to begin looking at applications for new stores.

Asking users if they want Welly in their country, the fast-food company encouraged SHIB holders wanting to take part in the “Welly’s Revolution” to apply via its website.

In the seven-step application, Welly asks users about the following:

  • The location they intend to use for the restaurant.
  • Their experience within the food industry.
  • Whether this will be a new restaurant or a rebranding.
  • Whether users can request the required government permits to open a franchise.
  • How long it would take to open the franchise.
  • Research about the demographic in the location, including local cuisine.
  • Potential challenges to the opening.

As expected, SHIB holders bombarded the tweet asking Welly to open a restaurant in their respective countries.

While Welly is yet to mention future store locations, there are some countries likely to receive a franchise first.

Welly could first expand into Europe given its current location in Italy. Meanwhile, the US remains a strong candidate given the large proportion of cryptocurrency and SHIB holders located across the Atlantic. India also boasts a large ShibArmy battalion and was explicitly referenced by Shiba lead Shytoshi Kusama as a reason why Welly transitioned to chicken-based products over beef. Finally, as Australia is home to PlaySide Studios, the developers of the Shiba Inu Game, it remains a candidate.

Of course, this all remains speculation. SHIB holders with restaurant experience and a solid plan for their franchise will likely be prioritised.

Welly has yet to give a timeline regarding the launch of new stores, but in a Medium post, Shytoshi said:

Already the team is in discussions to release multiple stores in 2022 and 2023 so that we can scale to compete with [other] chains.

Powered by SHIB and the Doggy DAO, Welly is seeking to decentralise fast-food, tracking its supply chain on Shibarium.

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