Vitalik Buterin’s SHIB donation funds Long Covid research, masks and more

Shiba Inu Vitalik Buterin.
Credit: Flickr/TechCrunch

Shiba Inu Vitalik Buterin.
Credit: Flickr/TechCrunch

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has given a fresh update about where his Shiba Inu donation to the Indian Crypto Covid Relief Fund has been spent in the last few months.

Following on from his last donation update and the announcement of his PhD fellowship made possible by SHIB, Buterin posted a Twitter thread of several causes that had received funding through the fund.

Buterin first made his donation to the Covid Relief Fund in mid-2021, around the time he engaged in a huge SHIB burn that destroyed 50% of the circulating supply.

SHIB donation funding

In his Twitter thread, after noting that people should still care about COVID and anti-COVID efforts, Buterin quote-tweeted several projects receiving grants from the Covid Relief Fund.

These projects include:

  • Long Covid Research Initiative
  • Improving air quality in Arizona schools
  • CO2 tracking app
  • Covid tests
  • Masks
  • Open-source data analysis for epidemics and outbreaks

Shiba Inu and its team were quick to share the news. Project lead Shytoshi Kusama said: “I think we of the ShibArmy are so proud to be part of this.”

Other Shiba Inu community members expressed their support for the Relief Fund, noting it makes them proud to hold SHIB.

According to the Crypto Relief website, it has so far granted over $58 million to various beneficiaries. The grants span 83 projects, ranging from ventilators, masks, and other medical equipment, to vaccines, research, and more relief.

The Relief Fund still holds over $275 million in various crypto wallets (as of July 2022), although most of this is now in stablecoins - mainly USDC. It no longer holds any Shiba Inu, either, completing its SHIB sale in September 2021. It still holds $1300 in Dogecoin and around $200,000 in Bitcoin.

This is not the only connection between Ethereum and Shiba Inu being discussed this month. With the Ethereum merge date set for mid-September, SHIB holders are wondering how the merge will impact Shiba Inu.

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