Vitalik Buterin is against banning proof-of-work

Ethereum Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum Vitalik Buterin

The upcoming Ethereum merge date has got the internet divided into two factions. There is one that supports the Ethereum 2.0 release date and transition to Proof-of-Stake, and the other one in favour of introducing a hard fork to keep Ethereum's Proof-of-Work consensus thriving.

In light of recent events, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has yet again rehashed his old statement, adding how he is not against banning proof of work consensus.

Ethereum is due to transition from its existing PoW to PoS consensus on September 15.

Vitalik Buterin is against banning proof of work consensus

On June 4, Buterin tweeted his opinion concerning proof of work consensus, adding how the ETH co-founder is against banning PoW consensus.

The tweet was shared regarding the regulatory crackdown proposed in the New York legislative bill concerning the PoW mechanisms and its notorious energy consumption levels.

Buterin had earlier retweeted the US candidate Bruce Fenton's tweet targeting the New York state senate bill that proposed banning PoW consensus to reduce heavy carbon emissions. Fenton had earlier tweeted: "No government has the right to tell you what software to run."

Retweeting Fenton's tweet, Buterin later added how the government's decision to ban PoW is a "bad idea," adding that the administration "shouldn't be picking up and choosing which application should run on electricity or not. "

Instead, Buterin proposed an array of solutions, including recommending to "implement Carbon Pricing and use some of the revenues to compensate low-income users. "

On August 18, Buterin again retweeted his old Twitter thread, reminding his followers that he is against banning PoW.

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The Ethereum Merge date is less than a month away

Ethereum's merge date is just around the corner. Scheduled for September 15, 2022, the merge will help transition Ethereum to PoS, slashing its energy requirement by nearly 80%.

However, Ethereum's path toward the merge is not easy. Several crypto enthusiasts are in favour of introducing a hard fork instead of helping it transition to PoS completely.

These users believe that ETH's transition to PoS may be risky, and may have consequences that may be lethal for the blockchain ecosystem.

The founder of Tron Justin Sun has voiced his opinion, adding that the hard fork mechanism will be better instead of the entire blockchain undergoing the PoS transition.

Meanwhile, merge advocates are cautiously looking at the Ethereum merge price to see how ETH will change during the changeover, which could see the Ethereum Triple Halving take place.

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