Shytoshi Kusama Calls For More In-Person Shiba Inu Meetups

Shiba Inu In-Person Meetup
Credit: Unsplash

Shiba Inu In-Person Meetup
Credit: Unsplash

More SHIB holders should arrange in-person Shiba Inu meetups, according to the project lead Shytoshi Kusama.

Writing in his latest blog post that revealed TREAT Token and that SHI will launch in 2022, Shytoshi also asked the Shiba Inu community to get together so they can support each other during this period of uncertainty.

The precursor to ambitious plans Ryoshi proposed for a ShibaCon, let’s see what Shytoshi said about these meetings.

Shiba Inu In-Person Meetups

In calling for more community meetups, Shytoshi called back to Ryoshi’s original plans. “We have the best community in the world,” he said. “Now we have to remember one aspect of Ryoshi’s plan that often gets forgotten, but can no longer be ignored.

“This is the concept of In-Person Meetups.”

In Ryoshi’s final (now-deleted) Medium, he first proposed the idea of ShibaCon. This would be held in locations such as Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Budapest. However, ahead of this large-scale event, he suggested SHIB holders should start smaller.

“This shall start with small localised meetups, and then once a year there shall be a ShibaCon in a different location,” he said.

Shytoshi’s latest suggestion echoes back to Ryoshi’s words, albeit expanding on it slightly.

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The SHIB lead suggests these community-driven meetups will “allow communities of like-minded Shib Army members to begin talking and working amongst one another, in person, to plan for how best to deal with rising food costs, inflation, and community security.”

While Shytoshi acknowledged these won’t be able to solve everything, he said it “will help strengthen communities so that SHIB and decentralised-minded individuals come out the other side of this ‘recession’ victorious.”

Rather than having a focus on pure Shiba Inu-related activities, Shytoshi seems to see these potential meetups as having a wider positive impact on their surroundings. He cites ideas such as holding workshops, helping out with “community-driven childcare” and more. “For our SHIB meetups, it could be as simple as checking up on the elderly in your community,” he said.

“I call upon you [the] ShibArmy to lead this effort globally.”

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