Shibarium TestNet could be just weeks away after SHIB holder makes discovery

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Shiba Inu Shibarium TestNet
Credit: Pixabay
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The Shibarium Public Beta TestNet may be set to launch in August 2022 after SHIB holders linked posts from developers.

Unification, the developer of Shibarium, previously said that the public beta would launch in Q3 2022, which ends in September. However, we might have a more specific idea when this is.


With Shibarium among the most anticipated project on the Shiba Inu roadmap, alongside Shiba Eternity and more SHIB burns, here’s the latest on the Layer-2.

Shibarium Public Beta TestNet date

In the latest Shibarium blog post by Unification, product lead Maziar Sadri said:

The Shibarium Public Beta TestNet is planned for deployment in Q3, to coincide with the FUND TestNet upgrade.

After this post, Unification posted another article about ‘The Future of FUND’. In this, it laid out the roadmap for the FUND TestNet upgrade. According to the post, the voting period for the FUND TestNet will end in the week of August 8. Around 1 week after the voting ends, the TestNet upgrade will be executed.


This means that the FUND TestNet will execute at some point between August 15-21. And, if the Shibarium TestNet is set to coincide with the FUND upgrade, then the Shibarium beta could also launch between August 15-21, too.

The discovery of this connection was shared online by several SHIB holders, including community member The Bus.

If correct, then we could be around one week away from the Shibarium beta launch.


Of course, this remains highly speculative at this point. It could be the FUND TestNet will act as a test ahead of Shibarium, which will deploy slightly after FUND. Alternatively, the phrase “to coincide” could just refer to how both Shibarium and FUND TestNets will launch in Q3 2022.

Regardless, the Shibarium beta will launch by the end of September, barring any delays, meaning the maximum wait time for SHIB holders is just over 50 days.

Hype for Shibarium continues to grow, with the BONE price now surpassing $1 as holders await the L2 release. BONE will be the reward for Shibarium Validators, no longer rewarding ShibaSwap stakers, who will instead receive the TREAT token.