Shibarium Layer-2 Is Coming ‘Very Soon’ According To Shiba Inu's Shytoshi Kusama

Shiba Inu Logo on a network after Shytoshi Kusama said Shibarium is coming very soon.
Credit: Pixabay

Shibarium looks set to bring SHIB holders lower transaction fees sooner rather than later after Shiba project lead Shytoshi Kusama said the Layer-2 is coming “very soon”.

Speaking in the Shiba Inu Discord, Shytoshi was bombarded with questions about various projects on the Shiba Inu roadmap. While he didn’t reveal much, he made a comment about Shibarium Layer-2, alongside leaving a hint at things to come.

Here’s what’s in store for Shibarium.

Shibarium Coming Very Soon

After introducing his new assistant to the Discord server, Shytoshi Kusama stuck around to talk with some Shiba holders.

One Shiba holder asked the classic question of “Wen Shibarium”, to which Shytoshi said: “Very soon actually.”

Prior to this, he also said he was “feeling good about Shibarium, Metaverse, and so much more.”

New information about Shibarium could perhaps come as early as tomorrow. Shytoshi ended the conversation by stating: “I’ll be back to give a speech tomorrow.”

While this speech could relate to Shibarium, it may also be regarding negative comments relating to SHIB’s role in the ecosystem, which Shytoshi tweeted he may need to address.

This also comes after Shytoshi posted a tweet stating “Shibarium is the driving force behind everything I do”, further hinting at some new Shibarium information coming in the near future.

As for when this “very soon” could be, we do know that Shibarium remains on track to launch within 2022.

The Shibarium Layer-2 is expected to reduce transaction fees when operating within the Shiba ecosystem. This will work through bundling transactions into single transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Several updates have come out in the last month regarding Shibarium. Alongside news that a public beta is coming, its developers Unification also released images of the prospective Shibarium user interface.

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