Shiba Restaurant Received Thousands Of New Franchise Applications From SHIB Holders

Welly fast food restaurant logo next to blurred fried chicken, after SHIB-themed restaurant receieves thousands of applications.
Credit: Image: Mustafa Bashari/Unsplash

Thousands of SHIB holders sent in applications to run locations of the Shiba Inu-themed restaurant Welly, a team member said.

In a Medium post on March 6, pb5_five gave SHIB holders a deeper insight into both the launch of Welly, and the John Richmond Shiba collaboration.

Here’s what he said about future Welly locations.

SHIB Holders Swamp Welly With Applications

After opening applications for new franchises in February, thousands of the ShibArmy sent in their pitches to Welly, pb5_five said.

“We’ve been reviewing every single one of them out of thousands that came in, and hundreds [are] coming every day,” he said.

However, as confirmed during the February Shiba Inu AMA, a new Welly restaurant won’t be coming until 2023. This is to ensure Welly can make its model replicable, alongside fine-tuning the original locations. Welly has not given any indication as to where future franchises could be located.

“We know that for a franchise to be successful, the main business has to be perfectly replicable anywhere without issues,” pb5_five said. “Thus, currently we’re consolidating our first business to make it as efficient as possible, while another part of the team is looking for the next location.”

The first Welly restaurant, based in Naples, underwent a re-branding earlier in 2022 in preparation for its Shiba Inu partnership. This included the re-creation of its logo to incorporate SHIB.

The Welly team member also touched on how Welly could contribute towards burning SHIB in the future. After acknowledging the community's desire for burning, he said “currently it is complicated to burn SHIB [on the Ethereum blockchain] unless holders renounce [use] their own holdings.”

Instead, he said Welly will participate in SHIB burning after the launch of Shibarium. It will burn both through transactions and with a section of its profits. This follows on from a growing trend, in which many parts of the Shiba ecosystem are set to burn SHIB.

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