Shiba Inu Community Burned Almost 2 Billion SHIB in November

Image of Shiba Inu Logo against a burning flame background.

Image of Shiba Inu Logo against a burning flame background.

The Shiba Inu community contributed to a burn of just under 2 billion SHIB last month as it saw an increased number of ShibArmy burn projects.

According to data from ShibBurn, 1,912,665,892 SHIB was sent to the dead wallet in November. Projects such as the SHIB Burner playlist and the Shiboshi NFT name changes were among the largest contributors..

SHIB’s price varied between $0.000037 and $0.00007 in November as it dropped out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. After the Kraken listing and a slight spike, this amounts to $82,761 worth of SHIB at the time of writing.

Total SHIB Burned In November

The 1.9bn SHIB burned in November represents just 0.0003% of the controversial total circulating supply of SHIB. At this rate, it would take 5981 years to reduce the Shiba Inu supply by 25%.

The largest individual burn came from the vEmpire DDAO. It sent 349,669,409 SHIB (worth $17,000 on the day of transfer) to the dead wallet on November 19.

Bigger Entertainment contributed 416,981,132 SHIB (over $20,000) in two separate burns on November 16 following its SHIB Burn party.

The lowest day of SHIB burning took place on November 23, when just 1,044,300 SHIB was destroyed.

December has seen 20,039,895 SHIB burned in one day, with the Shiba Coffee Company burning 10,787,486 SHIB on December 1.

We can expect to see further regular burning from these SHIB projects and other companies, including NOWPayments, which sent 43 million SHIB to the dead wallet on November 30. The Bricks Buster mobile game will burn $5010 on December 10, worth 115,784,608 SHIB at the time of writing.

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[Image: Guido Jansen/Unsplash]

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