Here's How Senate Candidate Shannon Bray Is Helping Veterans Using SHIB

Image of the Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) logo against a blurred US Congress building in an article about Senate candidate Shannon Bray.

North Carolina Senate candidate Shannon Bray has become one of the highest-profile and avid backers of Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB).

The Libertarian Party candidate regularly appears on Twitter Spaces about SHIB, and has amassed a dedicated, engaged following of 50,000 hodlers that other politicians can only dream of.

Here’s the story of how he first joined the ShibArmy, and how he’s using SHIB for good.

SHIB Wallet For Homeless Veterans

Bray’s journey into crypto didn’t begin with SHIB. Speaking to Planet Crypto, he told us that he started investing heavily in cryptocurrency in May/June 2021.

However, in September - specifically on 9/11 - Bray started to invest in SHIB.

In his now-viral post, Bray announced he purchased 100,000,000 SHIB, and would donate the wallet to shelter for homeless veterans when SHIB reaches $0.01.

As a veteran, Bray said 9/11 is a significant day for him and his friends. “We’re talking about the towers, we’re talking about going to war, about going to fight in wars that we shouldn’t have even been in,” he said. “The best thing to help veterans is not to create any more. But what do we do with the ones we’ve already created? With veteran homelessness being on the rise - no one’s actually going out there to address it.”

“When I was doing research in cryptocurrencies, I just kept hearing about SHIB, SHIB, SHIB, SHIB, SHIB. I was a stock trader for a little bit before, and I was like ‘It looks like a sh*tcoin.’ And then I look into it again and I’m like, ‘What if it’s got a lot of zeroes, so what if I put $700 in here?’”

After sharing his purchase online, others started donating to the wallet - with two holders matching Bray’s $700 amount. “We had $2100 in SHIB, which has now grown to anywhere between $15,000-$30,000, depending on where SHIB is now, but that was amazing,” he said.

Looking into the transaction history, Bray now appears to have staked this SHIB to earn further assets for the wallet.

“I got into SHIB because I was looking for a 'what if' plan, but what I found when I got into SHIB, was the magic.”

Referencing Shibarium and the upcoming Shiba Inu game, Bray is incredibly bullish about the future of SHIB. “It started out as a joke. I got into it as a joke, but it’s not a joke anymore,” he said. “I imagine SHIB’s going to be in the top five. It’s going to be a blue-chip within five years.”

“And so that homeless veteran wallet will grow to the point where I can actually help a lot of people.”

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[Image: Louis Velazquez/Unsplash]

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