Rinkeby Faucet: What Is The Rinkeby Testnet ETH Faucet And How To Fix It

Rinkeby Testnet Faucet Ethereum

Rinkeby Testnet Faucet Ethereum

With increasing Ethereum use cases each day, developers are now planning to scale and create new smart projects to cater to the needs of the masses at large via Rinkeby faucet, a developer tool that makes testing easier for ETH devs.

Ethereum's popularity is surging with the Ethereum 2.0 release date nearing. With the Ethereum merge date drawing closer, the network speed is also expected to increase and is anticipated to process nearly 100,000 transactions per second when sharding comes.

In addition to this, the surging Ethereum use cases see developers to launch new products on the blockchain. While doing so, the Rinkeby Faucet can assist developers in perfecting their apps before the final deployment. Let's take a look at what this Rinkeby faucet tool is all about and how can it be fixed.

What Is Rinkeby Faucet?

Rinkeby Faucet is dubbed an Ethereum developer tool used to troubleshoot and improve decentralised apps before launching them on the main Ethereum blockchain.

In simpler terms, the Rinkeby faucet serves as a testing ground with all necessary elements of the Ethereum blockchain to help users troubleshoot their DApps issues.

Users can purchase Rinkeby faucet testnet tokens to initiate transactions and test whether their projects and apps require further alterations.

Testnet tokens are test currencies that enable users to test DApps before they go live on the Ethereum mainnet.

To test your apps on the Rinkeby network, users are supposed to buy these testnet tokens to initiate transactions and conduct a preliminary test.

To get free ETFs on Rinkeby, users need to publish promotional social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. The process will then provide users to acquire 8 ETH after waiting for 3 hours, 7.5 ETH after waiting for one day, and 18.5 ETH after three days.

How To Fix Rinkeby Faucet

Many times, Rinkeby Faucet, like a normal blockchain network can report a periodic downtime or can have trouble initiating transactions on behalf of the developer.

One of the most common issues that a user has to encounter while using the Rinkeby faucet is an error called "insufficient gas funds."

In such a case, users must follow the instructions mentioned below to fix Rinkeby Faucet.

  • Get a MetaMask account address from the Rinkeby test network.
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  • Tweet the social media message from a public account.
  • Copy paste the tweet URL here.
  • Request for your preferential output. (For example 3 days/18.5 ETH).

How To Get Test ETH Funds In Your MetaMask Account

To get the test ETH into your MetaMask account, users should:

  • Download the MetaMask Chrome Safari Extension.
  • Switch your network to the Rinkeby network.
  • Copy your MetaMask account address.
  • Paste it here.
  • Get the free ETH via posting a message on Facebook and Twitter, tweeting account address copied.
  • Copy the tweet URL and paste it onto the Rinkeby Faucet website.
  • Click on the right-hand side box and select how much Ether you would like to have in your account.

And that's it! You'll have your test ETH in your MetaMask account. While you can't use it as real ETH, the price of ETH has gone up recently, with users speculating on what the post-Ethereum merge price could be later in the year.

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