Oshiverse: Shiba Inu Coin NFT Game Teased As Project Lead Meets With Potential Studio

With the Shiboshi NFT release happening anytime now, the Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) ecosystem continues to expand, with a potential Shiboshi game also in the making.

Earlier today, the Shiba Project Lead, Shytoshi Kusama, tweeted they are “Meeting with a potential game studio for Shiboshis soon.”

Shytoshi tweeted again later, describing the meeting as fantastic. They did not name the studio involved in the meeting.

Shiba Inu Coin NFT Game

Of course, the Shiboshi NFTs have yet to even launch. This means it’s likely that the game is still some way off, especially if negotiations are just beginning.

Shytoshi first teased a potential game in a recent blog post. Here, they stated the Shiboshi NFTs would be usable in a Shiba-based game, codenamed the Oshiverse.

According to Shytoshi, these Shiboshi NFTs will have properties and attributes that correspond to elements of gameplay.

Play-to-earn NFT-based games have seen tremendous success in 2021, with Axie Infinity is among the most popular NFT games available. It now has over two million daily active players, the developers announced.

SHIB is currently priced at $0.00002909 – down 13.69% in the past week, but up 342.52% in the last 30 days.

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[Image Credit: Executium/Unsplash]

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