NiceHash Teases Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) Support In Twitter Poll

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Image of Shiba Inu logo above NiceHash, after the mining platform teased a SHIB listing.
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Crypto mining and trading platform NiceHash may soon support Shiba Inu after posting a poll on Twitter including SHIB.

The poll asked NiceHash followers: “Which do you want for Xmas at NiceHash? SHIB or STX?” SHIB earned 97.5% of the 20,000 votes at the time of writing.


The wording of the tweet suggests NiceHash could soon begin accepting the winning cryptocurrency as a Christmas crypto gift.

NiceHash Poll Dominated By SHIB

Based on the poll, NiceHash followers are overwhelmingly in favour of support for SHIB on the platform.


One Twitter user pointed out that Stacks (STX) was unfortunate to get pitted against SHIB. “No coin stands a chance when it has to confront the ShibArmy,” they said.

Of course, the more sceptical holders could suggest this is just a marketing tool used to increase engagement from Shiba Inu holders.

Previous social media campaigns involving SHIB listings have had mixed results when not following through. Kraken received backlash after promising a SHIB listing the next day, only to then delay the listing. It eventually listed SHIB in late November, however.

Healthcare company AskTheDoctor also attracted the furore of the ShibArmy for using the cryptocurrency, after selling its SHIB and threatening to sue the Shiba Inu project lead Shytoshi Kusama.

So, if NiceHash intends to follow through, what would support for SHIB look like?

Could NiceHash Support SHIB?

While most crypto users know NiceHash from its mining calculator and hash power marketplace, SHIB support will likely come elsewhere.


NiceHash launched its own cryptocurrency exchange - NiceHash Exchange - in 2019. CoinGecko's exchange rankings put NiceHash in 24th place.

NiceHash Exchange already supports over 60 cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, SAND, and AAVE, but does not yet support SHIB. The most probable outcome from the NiceHash poll will be a SHIB listing on its exchange, adding to the long list of exchanges - aside from Robinhood - already supporting SHIB.

However, we can’t rule out mining support for SHIB. While SHIB is not a mineable cryptocurrency given it is an ERC-20 token that sits on the Ethereum blockchain, mining provider unMineable allows users to ‘mine’ SHIB by mining ETH and automatically converting it into Shiba Inu.

NiceHash does not support these automated transfers. Given the popularity of SHIB and other tokens, there is always the chance the company could move into this area of mining, with SHIB being the first.

However, this remains speculative at best, especially given Stacks, the cryptocurrency against SHIB in the poll, runs on its own blockchain. We’ll wait for more info to come out from NiceHash after the poll closes.

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