NFTs by Pepe the Frog creator, Matt Furie, top Opensea charts

Pepe the Frog Opensea

Pepe the Frog Opensea

Pepe the Frog creator, Matt Furie, has launched Headz by Matt Furie, a vibrant NFT collection consisting of 1,000 hand-drawn profile picture NFTs in collaboration with Chainsaw.

Pepe the Frog originally began as a comedic webcomic before being idolised by the internet and given its legendary meme status.

Aside from Headz, Matt Fruie also releases 1/1 NFTs known as Rare Pepes. Each Rare Pepe NFT contains a short, wonderful animation.

Headz by Matt Furie

There will only be 1,000 Headz NFTs in circulation. Currently, the collection is still in its minting phase and the art of each Headz NFT is yet to be revealed. It costs 0.666 ETH to mint one Headz NFT with an art reveal date set for September 21.

Since Headz started minting on September 17, the NFT collection caught the attention of NFT investors and has jumped to #1 on Opensea, flipping Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki NFTs. The floor for a Headz NFT climbed from 1.83 ETH (about $2475) on September 17 to over 3 ETH (around $4000) on September 20.

Matt Furie’s Rare Pepe’s are totally different to Headz. Rare Pepe NFTs are released semi-regularly, and buyers must bid on newly released 1/1 NFTs for a chance to own them. The animations of Rare Pepe NFTs are something to behold, it’s no wonder why NFT collectors and fans of Matt Furie's art are drawn to them.

Not affiliated with Matt Furie, Rare Pepe cards created by fans of the Pepe the Frog character back in 2016, are highly sought after NFT assets by NFT historians and collectors.

Minted on the Counterparty blockchain known for its XCP cryptocurrency, Rare Pepe cards survive today thanks to Emblem Vault on Opensea, Pepe the Frog’s undying meme status and the Rare Pepe cards community.

The most coveted XCP Rare Pepe card is the Nakamoto card. There are only 300 Nakamoto cards in existence. On September 15, a Nakamoto card sold for 89.55 ETH (over $121,000) on the NFT marketplace X2Y2.

Matt Furie’s artwork is known widely across the internet and beyond. The Headz collection belongs to a growing community that will surely adore what Matt Furie has in store.

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