NFT Whitelist: How To Join NFT Whitelist

White notebook on white background with NFT whitelist written on the notebook.
Credit: Diana Polekhina/Unsplash

The roaring popularity of the Non-Fungible Tokens is not slowing down anytime soon, as more and more NFT projects continue to pour into the market compelling users to join early NFT whitelists to avail unique NFTs.

NFT whitelists are a novel way through which users can avail NFTs for cheap. Users join the NFT whitelist in hopes to get early access to limited edition NFTs launched with a fixed number.

Moreover, these NFT whitelists assure users that they are eligible to receive the NFT despite all odds once the drop is live for the masses. Let's take a look at how users can join NFT Whitelist to avail themselves of "early bird offers."

How To Join A NFT Whitelist?

To join an NFT whitelist, users are required to:

Find the project early

The NFT market is brimming with a lot of potential NFT projects hoping to attract new buyers. These new NFT projects will offer whitelist spots to those in the community who get there before the launch happens. Putting it simply, you'll need to be early to join a whitelist.

Of course, the issue here is that being early requires placing a hefty amount of trust in a new project. With NFT scams still prevalent, we'd suggest doing a strong amount of research before joining.

Join The Social Media/Discord Of The NFT Project

Another way through which a user can gain access to NFT whitelist details is by joining or following the social media of the said NFT project.

Almost every NFT project has its Discord account. Here, users can gain special insights about the project as well as essential information about the minting and official release date of the project. These accounts will also share updated information about NFT whitelists that users can follow and join through.

Follow Instructions to Join an NFT Whitelist

An NFT whitelist does not have predetermined ways and can be very dynamic depending upon the project's needs and requirements.

Sometimes to join a whitelist, the NFT project team may announce conditions such as simply filling out a Google Form or inviting your friends to join their discord server to earn a whitelist spot.

Sometimes the condition may include joining a random lottery system that spontaneously picks the participants. However, the key is to keep an eye on all major updates related to the NFT project and follow the instructions to avail of an NFT whitelist spot.

What is a whitelist?

A whitelist in crypto terminology is a list of interested clients, users, or customers who would register themselves with the platform to access its services on a first come first serve basis.

Not necessarily first come, but any user who wishes to access the services early on immediately after a crypto product is launched can register themselves with a whitelist of the product to avail of those services before its global release.

The term is extensively used in the NFT sector as it means that the NFTs will be first delivered to the whitelisted candidates before they are made available to other users

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