How To Buy Baby Dogecoin: Where To Buy Baby Doge?

Baby Dogecoin logo on yellow background

Baby Dogecoin logo on yellow background

Baby Dogecoin has been making headlines as one of the fastest meme coins, but how do you buy Baby Dogecoin?

The crypto has grown a massive fanbase with more than 800K followers on Twitter, going strong against hostile market forces. According to CoinGecko, the Baby Doge price is up 50% in a week, and 310% in 30 days, mirroring the price surge SHIB saw in late 2021.

So, with all the attention surrounding Baby Dogecoin, it's no wonder more crypto holders are paying attention to the token. Here's how to purchase Baby Doge.

How To Buy Baby Dogecoin

Due to the interest surrounding BabyDoge, the token is available to buy on multiple crypto exchanges. These include OKX,, Bitrue, MEXC, CoinEx, and PancakeSwap.

Users who wish to purchase BabyDoge should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Check CoinMarketCap to see the list of exchanges where you can purchase Baby doge from.
  • Pick a platform from where they'd like to make their Babydoge purchase (eg. OkEx,, WazirX, etc).
  • Go to your preferred platform for the purchase and start the transaction process to buy Baby Doge.

Unfortunately for prospective Baby Dogecoin owners, Baby Doge is not available on Binance, nor do other large exchanges such as Coinbase list the token.

However, given Baby Doge is ranked 109th on CoinGecko, larger exchanges may soon need to pay attention to the token.

What Is Baby Dogecoin?

Founded in 2021, the Baby Dogecoin is described as hyper-deflationary with the static reflection that rewards holders.

Each Baby Dogecoin transaction automatically adds more BabyDoge coins into the wallets of the users.

The token is designed to become scarce with time and its holders are eligible to get a 5% fee from each transaction made using BabyDoge.

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