Funko NFT drop: When is the next Funko Pop NFT release?

Funko NFT Drop
Credit: Unsplash

Funko NFT Drop
Credit: Unsplash

The next Funko NFT drop is nearly here as Pop Vinyl fans await the next NFT release, but when is it?

With so many new NFT projects seeing tremendous success, major brands are slowly moving into the space and launching their own NFTs, as with the Funko NFT drop.

From the launch of the DC NFT marketplace, to the Instagram NFT support and Reddit Collectible Avatars, there are plenty of other NFT drops coming from outside the industry. But for now, let's focus on the next Funko NFT drop.

Next Funko NFT drop

The platform is back with another NFT drop dubbed "POWER RANGERS X FUNKO" which is already live on the platform and has sold out already. The drop is based on popular characters portrayed in Power Rangers series. The platform has not announced any new NFT drop as of yet.

Another Funko NFT drop dubbed the Avatar Legends x Funko 1 Digital Pop is also live for the users to purchase and trade.

This collection is based on the popular Avatar universe, primarily inspired by the iconic Nickelodeon animated series The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

The NFTs will be exclusively made available on the Droppp platform for the users to explore and purchase simultaneously. Funko's NFT collection is set to include some of the beloved Avatar legend universe characters, including Aang, Appa, Zuko, and Azula.

In total, nearly 625,000 NFTs will be up for sale, carefully curated and divided into packs of two. A standard pack of NFTs is priced at $9.99 per pack, while a premium NFT pack will cost nearly $29.99.

These will be split into the standard rarities of the Funko NFTs, with those in the Legendary and Grail categories set to include an "exclusive physical collectible redemption". Holders have a 1.36% change of receiving a legendary, and 0.16% of receiving a Grail.

These scarce cards are as follows:

  • Bolin as Nuktuk
  • Painted Lady
  • Varrick
  • Kuruck
  • Fire Nation Aang

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Previous Funko NFT drops

The Avatar NFT drop is just one of many notable pop culture-inspired NFT collections released in the past.

Funko has previously released NFT collections that include:

  • My Little Pony x Funko
  • Kellogg's x Funko
  • DC x Funko
  • Scooby-Doo x Funko
  • Transformers x Funko
  • Nickelodeon Cartoons x Funko
  • Retro Comics x Funko
  • Bob Ross x Funko
  • Star Trek x Funko
  • Freddy Funko Halloween
  • Fantastik Plastik
  • Iron Maiden x Funko
  • Big Boy x Funko
  • TMNT x Funko

The latest Funko NFT drop cam in the Jay and Silent Bob x Funko drop, first released on on July 26. Prior to this, Funko launched another NFT collection called Hanna-Barbera x Funk inspired by the iconic Hanna Barbera character.

A total of 300,000 NFTs were launched under its signature standard and premium packs.

What Are Funko NFTs All About?

Funko NFTs are a pack of exclusive NFTs that are actively inspired by the ever-expanding collection of Funko Pop Vinyls.

Through Standard and Premium packs, NFT holders are in with a chance of receiving a Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary, Grail, or Royalty NFT.

Those who receive a Legendary, Grail, or Royalty NFT will also be able to redeem a token for a physical figure, which usually gets delivered several months after the NFT drop.

So, as new cryptocurrency coins and new NFT games launch every week, be on the look out for more Funko Pop NFT drops. Planet Crypto will keep you posted on new updates as they come.

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