FCF Pay Ponders Adding SHIB Burn Function As It Adds More Shiba Inu Support

Shiba Inu FCF Pay

Crypto payment gateway FCF Pay has added more Shiba Inu payment support for the whole Shiba trifecta, while also hinting at potential SHIB burn functionality in the future.

Powered by French Connection Finance, FCF Pay made the announcement on Twitter on July 6, confirming that BONE, LEASH, and SHIB would all be supported.

However, it was the comments it made in the replies to this tweet that stoked further conversations about SHIB.

FCF Pay Sees More Shiba Inu Support

In its tweet, FCF Pay said: “We are delighted to announce that FCF Pay has listed the full SHIB Trifecta; SHIB, BONE and LEASH.”

It also followed up by stating these payment options are available for businesses to use via its gateway from the time of the announcement.

Merchants across a broad range of industries who use FCF Pay will now be able to accept BONE, LEASH or SHIB using the FCF Pay plugin.

FCF Pay also includes support for the likes of Binance, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, XRP and more.

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Replying to a tweet about burning SHIB, FCF Pay also said it was discussing adding some burn mechanisms.

“We are discussing the possibility of adding a SHIB burn function to FCF Pay for merchants,” it said. They compared this to the currency buyback and burn of its own FCF token.

SHIB burning, a popular mechanism among SHIB holders, is already supported by other payment gateways such as NOWPayments.

Alongside this, FCF said it would be happy to add any new Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens. “We'll be happy to add them to another listing poll if the Shib team confirm they're official,” it said. This comes after a recent medium confirmed the TREAT token will launch, alongside the upcoming SHI Stablecoin.

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