eBay May Soon Accept Crypto Payments

eBay logo on a phone next to Dogecoin and Bitcoin logos

Ecommerce and auction house giant eBay may soon be jumping into the cryptocurrency world as reports suggest it could accept crypto payments in the future.

In the last 12 months, several large corporations and companies have said yes to crypto payments, which include the likes of AMC theatres and PayPal.

So, here's a look at what's in store for eBay and cryptocurrency.

Does eBay Accept Cryptocurrency payments?

Unfortunately, eBay does not accept cryptocurrency payments at the moment, but this is set to change pretty soon.

According to a report issued by The Street, eBay's CEO Jamie Lannone said that eBay could soon make an important announcement on March 10th, which may include the possibility of the e-commerce platform accepting payments in crypto (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum) He said:

We're not accepting crypto currently. But on March 10, we're going to go deeper on all of these things, payments, advertising, our focus categories.

eBay's move towards accepting payments in cryptocurrency is deemed a way to attract a young audience to the platform.

Lannone later added that the platform already accepts NFT trading and may soon accept payments in crypto.

At present, eBay is yet to provide a specific date regarding the marketplace accepting crypto payments. We will update the article with fresh information as soon as new announcements are made concerning the said matter.

Recently the platform has also purchased KnownOrigin an NFT marketplace for digital art, with an intention to explore the growing NFT market in depth.

eBay Announces A New NFT Collection

eBay has recently announced its NFT debut with OneOf by launching a sports NFT collection.

The NFTs have been launched amid declining market interest in hopes to help users rekindle their interest in NFTs and it's related activities

Dubbed the new Genesis collection, it will comprise13 3D and animated versions of athletes that were featured on sports illustrated covers through the years.

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