EA Job Listings Suggest Company Is Open to Exploring NFTs and Blockchain Technology

Several EA job listings posted on LinkedIn include references to NFTs and blockchain technology, hinting that the video game giant could soon make its first moves into the cryptocurrency sphere.

Various Senior Director roles for unnamed ‘Competitive Gaming Brands’ noted EA's long-term growth strategies. The posts stated:

We set the pace for EA’s investment in gaming subscriptions, our PC storefront and platform, competitive gaming (including FIFA, Apex Legends, and Madden NFL), as well as new business opportunities, including fantasy sports, blockchain and NFTs, and more.

EA Job Listings Reference NFTs and Blockchain

Gaming’s integration with NFTs is not unique to EA. Esports teams such as OG Esports and 100T have previously released NFT collections. The growing ‘play-to-earn’ genre of games sees titles such as Axie Infinity reach millions of players every day.

Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab has also collaborated with several NFT-based platforms and titles. The program offered support for the NFT games such as Skyweaver and Guild of Guardians.

EA’s Software Engineering posts also referenced blockchain technology, listing responsibilities as including:

Contribute to the design and build scalable, high-volume, high-availability systems for products leveraging machine learning, blockchain.

Of course, the inclusion of these terms does not guarantee EA will implement NFTs or blockchains into its major franchises.

Given the backlash that G2 Esports faced when announcing its NFT collection, EA may want to avoid further controversy when the company is already under scrutiny for its monetisation practices.

In an interview with Planet Crypto, Espo’s CEO Henry James noted the future contributions NFTs could make to games. James said:

Rather than ‘renting’ [in-game] items from the game publisher, I think we’ll see gamers owning the in-game items they purchase outright, and they will run on blockchain technology.”

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital assets stored on a blockchain. Representing artwork, videos, and in-game items, these tokens represent the unique ownership of that asset, secured and protected by the blockchain.

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