Trust Wallet Binance: How To Connect Trust Wallet To Binance

Binance app opened on a cell phone
Credit: image by Vadim Artyukhin via Unsplash

With Binance being among the top cryptocurrency exchanges, demand for its connection to wallets such as Trust Wallet is high.

Trust Wallet, which was earlier launched in 2017, is a great crypto wallet for beginners and requires no registration to begin trading cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Users can enter basic details to begin initial trading and learn the market know-how on the go.

The wallet supports 53 blockchains and its accessible crypto app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Let's take a look at how users can connect their Trust Wallet to Binance to begin their journey as a crypto trader.

How To Connect Trust Wallet To Binance

As a wallet, Trust does not connect to Binance, but rather can connect to the Binance Smart Chain, also now known as the BNB Chain.

To transfer funds from Binance to Trust, you must send these to your relevant Trust Wallet address, depending on the blockchain in question.

Users can connect their Trust wallet to Binance Smart Chain by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Trust Wallet app from Google Play/App Store.
  • Complete the basic setup to get your wallet ready for transactions.
  • Receive your Binance Smart Chain address by navigating the dashboard and clicking on the "Smart Chain" option. There is also a QR scan option in case the user would like to scan and receive the address.
  • Using the BEP20 network on Binance, send over any tokens you want to the BSC Address from your Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet To Binance Fees

The wallet does levy a network charge for users to transfer crypto from trust wallet to finance.

The fees may vary depending upon multiple factors and usually ranges as high as $5-$10.

However, the wallet does not charge any wallet fees or swapping/DApp fees.

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