Coinbase to rally the crypto community against U.S. lawmakers



To assist in the development of beneficial crypto regulations in the United States, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a campaign to bring the crypto community together.

The exchange has called on investors to take action and lend a hand in crypto policymaking.

The announcement comes after the SEC launched investigations into stablecoins, retail staking platforms, and unregistered securities on U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinbase launches campaign to rally the crypto community against U.S. regulators

Crypto435 is Coinbase’s campaign to improve crypto advocacy in the United States. The goal is for the cryptocurrency community to share ideas, and resources and to make their voices heard during turbulent times in the industry.

With the SEC investigating multiple crypto companies for unregistered securities, retail staking platforms and stablecoins, Coinbase calls for the community to come together and work on solutions.

From Coinbase's Twitter thread about Crypto435:

The crypto community has reached an important moment. Decisions being made by legislators and regulators in DC and around the country will impact the future of how we can build, buy, sell, and use crypto.
We need thoughtful policymaking and smart regulation so that we can continue to advance crypto and web3, and make progress on our mission to increase economic freedom.

Users can join the initiative supported by Coinbase to help shape the future of policymaking in the cryptocurrency industry.

The exchange will provide community members with information on how to contact lawmakers, as well as data on various politicians' views on cryptocurrency and how to begin influencing legislators.

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