Coinbase KAVA quiz answers: How to earn KAVA on Coinbase

kava coinbase

kava coinbase

Coinbase users can earn crypto rewards by completing quizzes about featured cryptocurrencies through Coinbase's Learning rewards scheme.

By answering questions about KAVA, a decentralised blockchain network, Coinbase users can earn up to $3.00 in KAVA crypto tokens to trade on Coinbase.

This page will take you through the KAVA quiz.

Coinbase KAVA quiz answers

Question 1: How does Kava Rise fuel protocol growth on the Kava network?

Answer: Select answer number 2

Question 2: What are the 3 main steps to start earning rewards through Kava Rise?

Answer: 2, "Launch, grow and earn"

Question 3: How do KAVA token holders help fuel growth on the network?

Answer: 2, "staking their KAVA to vote on KavaDAO proposals"

How to sign up to Coinbase KAVA quiz

Follow the steps below to participate in Coinbase's Learning rewards programme:

  1. Sign up for Coinbase
  2. Go to Dashboard then click on "Learning rewards"
  3. Select the Kava quiz.
  4. Take the quiz by answering the questions listed to collect your KAVA tokens.

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