Cardano (ADA) blockchain goes offline after 50% of nodes disconnect



Half of Cardano’s stake pool operators went offline during the weekend.

Some estimates believe at least 50% of Cardano’s blockchain nodes disconnected before reconnecting a short time later.

Fortunately, the Cardano network didn’t need to be reset but Cardano users and developers are still wary.

Majority of Cardano nodes go offline after a networkwide outage

An anomaly on the Cardano network is thought to have caused the nodes to become unresponsive. Some observers have questioned Cardano's infrastructure.

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According to IOG SPO’s Telegram server, the event took place within block 8300569 and block 8300570. From IOG:

This appears to have been triggered by a transient anomaly causing one of two reactions in the node; some disconnected from a peer, others threw an exception and restarted.
Such transient issues (even if they were to affect all nodes) were considered in the design of the cardano-node and consensus. The systems behaved exactly as expected.
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Despite Cardano's explanation, an investigation is underway to delve deeper into the incident and determine how to prevent it from happening again.

Many have compared the outage to Solana's, where the Solana blockchain has frequently become unresponsive or transactions have had to be halted to maintain order.

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