Xbox Series X and Series S: How To Share Content And Stream On Twitch

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While PS4 added a share button last generation, Microsoft has finally done the same with the Xbox Series S/X.

The customisable button can be used to capture screenshots, gameplay, and you can stream to Twitch directly from your console, too.


Here's how you can start sharing your gameplay from the new console you just unwrapped!

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Xbox Series X and Series S: How To Share Content

The Xbox Series S and X controller's share button can be customised within the Xbox Accessories app, allowing users to map it to different functions based on whether it's pressed or held.


For example, you can set it to grab a screenshot when tapped or capture a set number of seconds of gameplay for sharing via social media.

Clip this! Source: Xbox

You can also decide whether you want to capture the last few seconds or prepare recording for the next few seconds.


All captures now sync with the Xbox app, too, so you can send them to other apps and networks, but they're also stored on the console, too.

Xbox Series X and Series S: How To Stream To Twitch

Streaming to Twitch is simple on Xbox Series X and S.


Source: Twitch

Simply head into the app store and grab the Twitch app, and then sign in with your account details.

Next, you'll need to go to the "Broadcast" tab and set up your settings for things like camera, microphone, resolution and the like.

Then hit "Start Streaming" to go live, and then navigate to the game you want to stream.


To stop broadcasting, go back to the Twitch app and hit "Stop Streaming".

If you want to change your settings in the middle of stream, head into the Twitch app and change your settings, then head back to your game – your new settings will be active.