Xbox Series X Owners Experiencing Massive Disc Drive Issues

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The Xbox Series X/S is now released all over the world.

This is Microsofts time to shine, and with the PS5 releasing later this week players have had ample time alone with their new consoles.


Although the new console does not have any exclusive launch titles, playing games at 4K is amazing, especially at 60 FPS. 

But, not everything is green for Xbox; as there has been a flurry of issues players have been reporting.

One of these issues has haunted Xbox consoles for over 10 years now.

Here's what players are encountering with the disc drive. 




Since the console has arrived in gamers' homes over the last 24 hours or so, there have been numerous reports of the console haveing a faulty disc drive.

From the consoles drive being extremely loud, to some players noting that it is not picking up the disc at all; there seems to be a magnitude of issues. 


The noises coming out of some of these consoles do not sound pretty, and definitely does not sound optimal for a new console.

These disc drive issues come off the tail-end of the 'smoking Xbox' story that took over the media today.

That story was debunked, but it appears this one is not going away.

Check out the following video from Dante Lee, who notes how to 'fix' this issue.


As you can tell, their console will not accept their discs; which is probably the worst issue players have noted.

Microsoft has not yet commented on these disc drive issues.

So, if you are experiencing any of these issues please share your problems to us on social media!