Xbox Series X: All Confirmed Games Launching Day One On Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Series X is launching in 2020, and one of the most appealing things about the console is Xbox Game Pass, a service that aims to ensure there's always something to play.

Thanks to the ever-helpful Xbox Game Pass account, we've now got a list of the games that are launching on the service. Check it out below.

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Xbox Series X Confirmed Game Pass List

The list makes for astonishing reading if we're honest. Check it out below.

EVERY XBOX SERIES X GAME WE'VE ANNOUNCED COMING TO XGP SO FAR: A THREAD• Fable• Everwild• Halo Infinite• Avowed• Hellblade 2• State of Decay 3• Forza Motorsport• Psychonauts 2• Grounded• Tell Me Why
— Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass)
August 10, 2020


• Battletoads• Destiny 2: Beyond Light• Call of the Sea• The Medium• S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2• Wasteland 3• As Dusk Falls• The Gunk• Tetris Effect: Connected• Dragon Quest XI S
— Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass)
August 10, 2020

Those are some big-budget games available as part of your membership. Twitter user @TonyStarkRDX even noted that some are missing, including Bright Memory Infinite, Scorn, The Ascent, Warhammer Darktide, Second Extinction, Chorus and Exomecha.

Longtime Xbox insider Klobrille also added this image to illustrate the point:

Image courtesy of @Klobrille
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It's worth remembering as well that many of these titles will be playable on current-gen systems and PC, making Xbox Game Pass an excellent option regardless of whether you'll be buying a Series X or not.