Xbox Series S and Series X: How To Change Time And Date

Xbox Series X and Series S are finally here, and while the console usually finds out the current time and date during its initial setup, it can need a little prompting.

As a result, here's our guide on tweaking the time and date on your console.

Just a heads up before we start, though: you won't be able to access games earlier by tricking your console into thinking it's launch day.

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Xbox Series S/X: Change Time And Date

As we noted above, the console should set the correct time zone and date when initially being set up.

The same should apply if you connect through the Xbox App to complete the setup process.

To set the time and timezone manually, you'll need to open the Settings app.

You can find this either in your "My Games and Apps" folder, in the apps category, or by opening the Guide (press the Xbox button) and navigating to "Profile and System" and selecting "Settings".

Once in settings, head to "Time".

Here you can opt to change the timezone, adjust for Daylight Saving Time, or change your system time.

System time isn't able to be changed while connected online, but if disconnected, you'll be manually able to tweak it.

Note, as soon as you get back onto Xbox Live, the console will automatically pull the time from the servers.

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