How Long Will The Xbox One And PS4 Continue To Get New Games?

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We've finally reached the next-generation of gaming with the PS5 and Xbox Series X leading the charge.

While many of us say goodbye to the Xbox One and PS4, a lot of us will continue to enjoy playing games on the previous generation of consoles.


That may well be the case for years to come according to Sony's head of platform planning Hideaki Nishino.

Sony Believes PS4 to PS5 Transition Will Take About Three Years

Sony expects games to continue arriving for PS4 alongside PS5.

Speaking to AV Watch, Nishino explained that it will be a couple of years before we see games made exclusively for PS5.


“The current assumption is that the transition from PS4 to PS5 will take about three years,” Nishino said to the site (via Google Translate).

Nishino sympathises with developers would want to continue putting out games for last-gen consoles, but that will change as the install base for the PS5 grows.

As the limits of what developers can do expands, developers will naturally have to pull back resources to older generations and focus more on the newer generations.

“After a certain period of time, we ask developers to develop on the premise of ‘cross generation’ of PS4 and PS5. Of course, we also need to improve the library to make it easier.”


There's no doubt developers will understand when its time to focus increasingly on one console, rather than both.

With a global pandemic ongoing, a lot of users will unlikely be able to obtain the new console for a while.

It could be because users lack the finances to upgrade and the fact that Microsoft and Sony won't be able to produce as many units as fast given the circumstances.

While we don't know Microsoft's stance on the subject, it seems like Sony are already putting feelers out and thinking about how they will transition away from the PS4 to focus on the future.


So if you're hoping the PS4 is here to stay for long, it doesn't sound like that's the case.