PS5 VP Reveals Best Way To Position Console

Sony has been pretty transparent with the new PS5 features, such as why the new console is so big, you can read more about that here.

One of the things that surprised fans was the new stand will allows you to place the console sideways.

Due to the abstract shape, it needs the stand to be supported.

Well, Sony's Mechanical Design Department VP Yasuhiro Ootori, has revealed which position is actually most optimal.

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PS5 Standing Or Sideways?

Its been debated for years whether the PlayStation is best layed on its side or upright, and the discussion is as prominent as ever with the PS5 on its way.

Few have actually suggested the position can link to faster disc reading.

For most, it's purely based on aesthetic and airflow.

There's truth in that the position of previous consoles would impact on overheating and air circulation, such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Well, Yasuhiro Ootori is here to give us some answer for the PS5.

In his opinion, the placement of the next-gen console actually has no impact on airflow.

"This is a frequently asked question. From the designer’s point of view, there is no difference in cooling performance between vertical and horizontal installation"

"I think some people think that the heat dissipation efficiency should be higher in the vertical installation due to the chimney effect"

"However, in a cooling system with an active fan (electric fan), the chimney effect is at the measurement error level. It works according to the specifications in both horizontal and vertical installation"

"Personally, I like the vertical placement where the top and bottom of the “PS logo” can be seen correctly".

There's your answer!

Whether laying the PS5 on its side or standing it should have no impact on the cooling system.

So it looks like Sony's next-gen console placement will likely be based purely on personal opinion and what looks best.

Which do you prefer?

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