PS5 UI reveal: Burger King teases news for later this week

Sony and fast-food chain Burger King seem to be teasing a PlayStation 5 UI reveal for later this week.

“Do Whopper sandwiches normally do this?” the burger chain asked in a Twitter post. The King himself stands over a BK bag, glimpsing the treasure within as it chimes out a little melody. His face glows blue in the light of the sack’s mysterious contents; this is basically the suitcase scene out of Pulp Fiction.

PlayStation duly quote-tweeted the post, accompanied by a pair of emoji representing eyes and a human ear, as if to say: listen up.

The folks at Sony have been mysterious throughout the lead-up to the PS5’s launch next month, and consumers are eating up every tidbit of news accordingly. We’ve known what the Xbox Series UI will look like for a while, but Sony’s kept us waiting — until, it seems, later this week.

The date at the end of the Burger King video clip is “10/15.” That’s Thursday, October 15, so we can probably expect some kind of reveal that day.

PlayStation 5 consoles will be available in most parts of the world on November 19. According to VG247, PS5 accessories — controllers, headsets, and so on — will hit shelves a week earlier, on November 12, in the United Kingdom.

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